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Commercial moving can be a tricky task for furniture movers that don’t have the needed experience in the field. You are most likely looking to trust your business move with someone who has conducted these types of moves before and has also trained their movers to handle the project smoothly. All in Moving Services has the best commercial movers in Los Angeles for more reasons than one!

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By conducting thousands upon thousands of commercial moves each year, we have gathered the experience needed for a smooth in-and-out business move. We know how badly you want to get back to business and how much money you are losing by not keeping everything up and running. One of the best perks of hiring commercial movers at All in Moving Services is that you can actually work while our guys are working. We try to keep your move as uninterrupted as possible, so you can stay on track during the entire time. 

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Why choose our commercial movers?

Licensed and insured

When you choose our commercial movers, you are getting a licensed and insured local moving company with straightforward pricing and no additional fees. You are getting an all-in-one commercial mover that knows exactly how to move your business - just like we would move our own.

Commercial moving plan

You need a plan of action if you want your business move to be successful. This can take a lot of time - which is why we want to take the burden off your shoulders and do it for you. Our relocation specialists will make the perfect customized moving plan for you to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible on game day.

Budget movers

Our commercial moving plans can easily fit into your budget. What we offer each client of All in Moving Services are all-inclusive hourly rates with absolutely no additional or hidden fees! You will know upfront how much you will be paying for the move - and you won’t have to stress about any unexpected charges.

Trained commercial movers

You don’t want to let just about anyone conduct your commercial move. You need reliable movers, that you can trust with your entire business and know that your valuables will arrive at the destination fully intact.

We protect your mattress - even in a hurry!

How to prepare for your commercial movers?

Pack as much as you can

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of self-packing, you can choose professional packing services as well. If DIY is the way to go, make sure everything is packed and nothing is left in your cabinets, shelving units, etc. You want your commercial movers to be in and out. 

Seal your boxes

Don’t waste any time on moving day to do these finishes. Have your boxes sealed before our professional commercial movers arrive at your doorstep. A lot of people don’t know that leaving boxes unsealed can lead to the contents flying around the truck - which is definitely something no one wants to happen.

Label everything

If you are detailed with your labels, it will make the world of a difference. Your gentle movers will know which boxes contain fragile items, which boxes go where and generally, everything will be much more organized. Not to mention how easy unpacking will be with detailed labeling on your boxes.

Inventory list

Last but definitely not least,is an inventory list. This is one of the most important components of your entire moving experience. Having an inventory list before even getting a quote from local movers will provide you with more accurate quotes. If not - you would need to provide it at least a few days before your move so the truck size can be planned accordingly. Another great reason to have an inventory list is that it’s extremely helpful with checking all the items going on and off the truck so nothing gets lost.

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