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Your apartment move can look simple from afar - but in reality, it’s quite stressful. Your small space might be separated with flights of stairs from ground level, you might need a reservation for your elevator, move-out time, loading dock, etc. and those tight corners in your hallway look quite intimidating.

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While apartment moves are generally smaller than other moves, they do boast their own obstacles that your movers need to be prepared for. Searching for “apartment movers near me” just won’t do the trick. You need professional apartment movers.

What are the different obstacles to moving an apartment?


An obvious apartment moving obstacle might be a flight of stairs or even a couple. This can slow down your move and risk your items getting damaged. Moving on your own can result in serious injuries when heavy lifting up or down some stairs. You need professional apartment movers when stairs are involved.

Narrow hallways

Narrow hallways can make everything that much more complicated. Not to mention that more than a couple of movers will have trouble carrying anything down that hallway if it’s just that narrow. We’ve seen them and been there. It’s never fun. But our apartment movers are trained to overcome all of these obstacles and make them seem like a breeze.

Our friendly movers are always ready to tackle your last minute move.

Building management

While your building management might not be an obvious “obstacle”, you do need to keep them in mind at all times when planning your move. Do they require a Certificate of Insurance? Do they have specific time slots for moving? Does your elevator or loading dock need a reservation? Your building management might have different requests you need to fulfill in order to move.

Elevator/Loading dock/Move-in or move-out reservation

This applies to any kind of mandatory time slot you might have for your move. You need to keep in mind that it will be much harder to find movers in a very specific time window, than being flexible. Let this be the first thing you discuss when calling around for quotes to not waste any time. You need your apartment movers to fit into that specific time slot so you don’t have to pay any extra fees after your move is completed.

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Why choose our Los Angeles apartment movers?

Trained apartment movers

Finding the right movers might be as easy as searching “apartment movers near me”, but you need someone near you who actually knows what they are doing. The apartment movers at All In Moving Services know how to tackle the move with ease and turn it into a successful experience with your valuables and peace of mind intact.

Certificate of Insurance

We provide our clients with proof of insurance free of charge. You would just need to let us know that your building management requires it, and send over the specific requirements. We would get back to you with a complete Certificate within 48 hours. (For last-minuteorsame-day moves we would make sure to acquire it for you before your move starts.)

Top-of-the-line equipment

Our standard service includes everything you could possibly need for a successful move without having to worry about loose ends. We bring absolutely everything - from the supplies, tools, and dollies to our clean, temperature-controlled moving trucks for a completely worry-free move on your behalf.

Licensed and insured

All In Moving Services is a fully licensed and insured local moving company in Los Angeles, meaning that your valuables are covered and any mistakes caused by us will be compensated upon the completion of your move. Of course, mistakes are something we always try to avoid, but if they happen - you will be happy you’ve searched for licensed “apartment movers near me”.

We protect your mattress - even in a hurry!

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