Living in LA Without a Car – Alternatives to Driving in Los Angeles

Living in LA without a car might be challenging, especially if you need to commute for work or for any other reason. In the following lines, you’ll find some information about getting around LA without a car and how to live in LA without a car. Depending on the local area you decide to relocate to, you can use many different transport options to travel from one point to another safely and efficiently while staying on budget. If you need help to relocate, consider hiring our local moving company in Los Angeles. Our cheap movers in Los Angeles can amuse you with outstanding skills and the best services on the market.

Do You Need a Car in LA?

The questions that often appear are, can you live in Los Angeles without a car, or do you need a car in Los Angeles? Driving in LA might be exhausting because of the frequent traffic jams. If you don’t own a car or simply don’t want to drive, you can still live comfortably and visit other parts of this fantastic city. There are plenty of alternative transportation methods you can use if you’re living in Los Angeles without a car, including cycling, walking, public transportation, and others. Can you live in California without a car? Of course, you can, especially if you relocate to some smaller towns. You just have to stay open and creative and explore your options.

Walking Is Always an Option

Many people forget how important it’s to stay active and exercise daily – and what is the better way to have a light recreation than walk around some of the best parks in Los Angeles? It’s an exercise that will keep you healthy by saving money you’ll use for transportation. If you’re moving with pets, take them for a walk to some of the trendy dog-parks in LA, and we guarantee you’ll have an amazing time. If you are looking for a more challenging experience, you can also enjoy some of the best hikes in LA with your friends.

Photo of a couple walking
It's always a good idea to walk around the city

Public Transit Is Great and Economical Way to Get Around – Try Metro or Bus

If you decide to move to one of the best places to live in LA for singles without a car, you can rely on other transportation methods. If you are living in downtown LA or relocate to Hollywood or Santa Monica – you can feel comfortable knowing that you can find public transit stops around any corner and get wherever you want without needing a car. According to some calculations, you’ll need around $1,000 for a month if you drive on your own, while a monthly metro pass costs only $100 and about the same for Ride-Sharing, obviously without parking tickets and any other expenses.

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What if I Don’t Like to Use a Bus or Metro?

How can you live in LA without a car if you hate using buses or the metro? Luckily, this is not your only option. This place has some good cycling routes and trails, which you can take if you prefer that over public transportation methods. Keep reading to find out more about them.

 Photo of a metro
Downtown city area offers excellent public transport

If You Like Riding Bikes, Bike Rental Is a Great Option

How can you live in LA without a car? Some of the areas, like Santa Monica, are bike-friendly, and if you don’t own a bike – you can always rent one at an affordable price. Check Google Maps to find the best routes and make sure to wear something suitable for a bike ride. It’s always good to stay in sneakers or other convenient shoes.

You Can Also Ride Electric Skateboard or Scooter if You Find Cycling Exhausting

How to get around LA without a car if you dislike cycling? Use electric scooters or skateboards! Once you get comfortable using them, you’ll hardly use any other transportations method. The same as bikes, they are safe if you take some convenient routes and need to get around the local distance area. They are also entertaining, and you can rent them for a reasonable price. Keep in mind that they are banned in some parts of LA, like Beverly Hills and Pasadena. Check out this video that will help you learn everything you need to know about electric scooters and how to use them.

Ride-Sharing Is Also an Option

How to live in LA without a car? Share rides with other people in the same situation! This is also great for the environment, and it reduces traffic jams. Uber and Lyft are smart ways of getting around – they might be expensive but still much cheaper than a cab. And if you share them with other passengers that go in the same direction – bingo! You got a comfortable ride for a much lower price than taking the same ride alone.

Photo of an uber ride
Explore new places by sharing rides - this can save you time and money

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