How to Change Your Address When You Move From One LA Neighborhood to Another

Written by: Michael Vaughan

Considering an average American relocates about 12 times in their life, filing a Change of Address (COA) is something you’ll probably have to do the next time you move to a different LA neighborhood. With that being said, learning how to change your address when you move is actually relatively easy. Follow this guide, and you’ll be good to go.

Forgetting to file a COA and notify some important contacts and institutions about the relocation could cause all sorts of problems for you, so it’s better to deal with all the bureaucracy right away. However, with all the paperwork you’ll have to go over, there won’t be enough time to prepare the rest of your move correctly. Thankfully, you can always count on our Los Angeles movers to help with the rest of the preparations.

What Is the Best Way to Notify of an Address Change in LA?

If you’re wondering where to change your address when you move, the US Postal Service should be your first stop. The government agency is responsible for handling almost all your deliveries, meaning it’s best to inform it about the relocation as soon as possible. The process of changing your home number is pretty straightforward. You only have to go down to the nearest post office and request a Mover’s Guide. The packet you’ll get comes with the PS Form 3575 and detailed instructions on what to put in.

Once you fill out everything and file the COA, a Move Validation Letter (MVL) will be sent to your old residence to validate the request. The post office will also send a Customer Notification Letter (CNL) or a Welcoming Kit to your new place within five business days from the starting date. Both of these documents will have your Confirmation Code – something you’ll use for all future COA requests. Considering the security risks, the USPS rarely offers duplicates of the code, so try not to lose. In case it gets lost, getting another copy will cost you $56.00.

Is Updating a Home Number Possible Without Visiting the Post Office?

Living in LA without a car would make even getting to your nearest post office a nuisance. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about that, as there are several ways to update your home number without leaving the house. You can do it over the phone by calling 1-800-275-8777 or request COA online on the USPS website. Although the latter option is much more convenient, you’ll be required to pay an identity validation fee of $1.05. This sum is the same whether you’re relocating to Downtown LA or one of the East LA neighborhoods. If you were charged more than that, we hate to say it, but you got scammed.

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How Can I Change My Address Temporarily?

People have all kinds of reasons to move, many of which can be temporary. Working as a housesitter in Beverly Hills will require you to relocate there for several months, only to move back once your contract has been completed. This means you could end up requesting a COA several times in a year. Fortunately, there’s no need to do that, as you have the option to forward mail temporarily for up to twelve months.

Once you select this type of move, you’ll have to enter the starting and ending dates, with a minimum length of 15 days. Although the initial period is restricted to six months, it can easily be extended up to a year. If you are interested in seeing how the process looks when done on the USPS website, check the short video below.

How Do You Change Your Mailing Address When You Move a Company?

Many people aren’t aware that there’s an important difference between physical and mailing addresses. The first one describes the location of your home or company, while the latter refers to the place you want your mail to be delivered. These two can overlap, but that’s not always the case. For example, a local moving company in Los Angeles will store its trucks at one location, while its offices and P.O. box are usually in an entirely different neighborhood.

Many of the best companies to work for in LA have already separated their addresses. Try setting this up for your business, as it will allow you to continue receiving mail while keeping your location private. For safety purposes, these changes cannot occur over the phone, and you’ll also be required to submit some additional paperwork. Once you fill out the form, print it out, and have it mailed to the Office of the Assessor, Ownership Division, 500 W. Temple St., Room 205, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

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Having different physical and mailing addresses can be very beneficial for your business

What to Do When Changing Address? Gather All the Necessary Information and Paperwork

Although filing for a COA is relatively simple, you’ll still have to gather all the required paperwork before applying for one. The process will require you to provide some sensitive information, including details about both addresses, personal data, phone number, email, and credit card details. If you already organized important documents, you’ll likely have everything ready, which is particularly good when relocating in a hurry. Considering spelling mistakes and types can easily go unnoticed, remember to double-check everything before submitting your request.

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Make sure you've gathered all the details before applying for a COA

When Should You Change Your Address When Moving?

When should I change my address when moving?” is one of the more commonly asked questions among those relocating within LA. Considering we already went over why filling a COA in LA is so important, it should be one of the first things to do before you move. The request can be submitted up to three months in advance, but you should update the information at least two weeks before the relocation.

How to Update an Address After Relocating to a New House?

Although two weeks should give you enough time to deal with the COA, the sheer number of tasks on your to-do list during this period will often cause you to forget about it altogether. Without the help of professional Los Angeles moving companies, you’ll be left to pack furniture and all fragile items yourself, possibly forcing you to delay the request until after you’ve moved. Thankfully, you can still receive everything addressed to your old home number, as the USPS allows you to forward mail up to 30 days in the past. Just remember to check that option when filling out the form, and you’ll be good to go.

A woman talking on the phone with local movers in Los Angeles
If you're updating your data after relocating, state that when submitting your request

How to Change Your Address When You Move With Your Family?

Although it’s relatively easy to file for COA when relocating alone, having to do it for each family member can be a nuisance. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about dealing with too much bureaucracy, as the USPS provides an option to request a COA for your entire family with a single form. However, this can’t always be applied. Mainly, every member of the family would need to have the same last name. Also, if some are relocating to Hollywood, while others decide to move to Santa Monica or stay back in Pasadena, everyone will have to go through the process independently.

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Family members with the same last name won't have to submit a COA individually

Are There Any Other Places to Change Your Address When You Move to a New House?

As we already said, updating your personal information with the USPS was only the beginning. Many more institutions will also need to be notified about your relocation, as this is the only way you’ll continue to receive mail without delays. If you’re not sure where to change address when you move, consider updating:

  • Government agencies – Even if you’ve moved right across the street, you’ll still have to notify several government institutions about the COA. These include the State Social Security Administration, IRS, and DMV, with the latter handling everything from vehicle and voter registrations to passports.
  • Financial institutions – Failing to notify the bank and other financial agencies about the COA could cause your sensitive financial details to leak. Considering this information can easily be misused for illegal purposes, avoid all potential problems by informing these institutions immediately.
  • Utility companies – Transferring utilities is an essential part of every move, so if you forgot to do it before relocating, the fact that you know how to pack a TV wouldn’t mean a thing. Furthermore, relocating from Glendale all the way to Inglewood will likely require you to replace your service providers altogether.
  • Employers – If apartment hunting and relocating affect your work performance, don’t leave your boss in the dark. They might have been sending some crucial company information to the wrong location, so it’s better to notify them immediately and avoid any potential complications.
  • Business contacts – Anyone running a serious business will want to inform all their associates about the COA right after they’ve filed the required paperwork. Once you update the data on your website, notify your contacts through an email and send out a newsletter to your employees and clients.

Updating Your Policy Will Allow You to Keep the Insurance

Forgetting to update your insurance policy could potentially leave you without coverage at the worst possible moment. Although not all policies are the same, it’s better to go through all the documents and check what would need to be updated. The good news is that most of these changes can be handled over the phone or on the insurance company’s website.

Considering you’re also planning a relocation, we highly recommend you get some homeowners or renter’s insurance. Accidents on the road can occur whether you hire very cheap movers in Los Angeles or the best LA moving company, so you’ll want to be prepared just in case. Most moving companies in Los Angeles only offer basic coverage in case of damage, meaning you’ll have to get these if you want to be fully reimbursed.

Remember to Notify Your Friends, Family, and Some Other Service Providers

Although it won’t get you in trouble with the state law, forgetting to inform your friends and family about the move could strain your relationships. If you’re not sure how to do it, throwing an unforgettable going-away party would be the simplest way to notify everyone. Best of all, it will also reduce your overall relocation stress.

Last but not least, remember to update billing and delivery addresses on all websites and services. While you won’t have to do this right away, forgetting about it before ordering something could end up losing you the object. At the very least, you’ll have to talk to the customer service representative to fix the issue, so keep an eye out the next time you order something.

A man searching for moving services in Los Angeles
What do I need to change my address on when I move? Everything from government agencies to a simple website

Knowing Everything About Changing Addresses Won’t Make Your Move Much Easier – Hiring Our Local Movers in Los Angeles Will

As you can see for yourself, learning how to file a COA is actually relatively easy. Despite being a nuisance, handling bureaucracy often seems more complicated than it is. Still, it’s something you’ll have to deal with each time you move, whether you stay in the same Los Angeles neighborhood or not. It might be good to learn how to stop getting mail for previous residents. There’s a good chance the person living there before forgot to update their data, and this will keep you from getting overwhelmed with their letters. Considering this is only a tiny fraction of all the preparations you’ll have to go through when relocating, hiring professional movers in Los Angeles is your only option.

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