How Many Movers Do I Need to Hire?

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One doesn’t have to be a moving professional and to think about the number of movers that need to be hired in order to satisfy all their moving requests, they just need to find a company that they feel comfortable with and let them solve the problem and this question. Two men, three men movers – even ten people crews are available to hire in Los Angeles, you just need to find out which option is the best for you.

 Moving companies have professionals who are doing this every day, multiple times, and they know what are the questions that they need to ask, and the things they need to know in order to determine the perfect number of movers for the moving project.

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It is Vital That You Don’t Underestimate Your Move Size

People are usually afraid and think that the company involved wants to overcharge them by suggesting a higher number of movers for their move, but in reality, they underestimate their needs and the size of their home out of fear. Relocation specialists, if they are really professional, will give you a good explanation about why they suggest for example three instead of two movers, and their answer, if received objectively, will make sense in 99% of cases. 

Since you are letting a professional moving company into your home and putting your trust in them, trust them with their suggested number of movers as well- you won’t regret it!

Since there are various moving sizes and exceptions from rules, let’s list them all, one by one and explain why “that many movers” for each. 

What Can Affect The Number of Movers?

As mentioned above, one move requires three men movers, another requires four and it really depends from case to case. 

There are many things that are affecting the suggested number of movers, and they are specific for each move that happens. The client is not the one that has the answer, that’s up to the company and their modus operandi. They will pose a set of questions to gain a better picture of the nature of your move, its size, specifics, heavy objects etc. Even then remains the question about you being willing to pack your personal belongings on your own

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What Can Affect The Number of Movers Needed For Your Move:

  • The size of your current home, number of bedrooms
  • The size of your current home, square footage
  • Full pack vs self-pack 
  • Accessibility and stairs
  • The number and weight of heavy objects
  • Hoisting.

These are the most important variables that determine the number of movers assigned to your move, and a few of them combined, depending on the nature of the move, can increase the number of people that are needed. 

Let’s go step by step..

The Size of Your Home / Number of Bedrooms

The most important determining factor, on top of which the company applies all the other variations, is the size of the place that you are moving out of. Different sizes require different numbers of movers, and since moving is really old expertise, there is an established set of rules that sales representatives are relying on while suggesting the number of movers. 

One Bedroom Homes

When it comes to one bedroom apartments and studios, almost every company suggests going with 2 movers. This number can be further affected if the place is not accessible and there are many flights of stairs at either location. But, usually, two movers suffice for a move of this size and this is what you will probably hear from a moving company when you reach out for a quote.

studio living room

Two Bedroom Homes

For a two bedroom place of regular size, the most reasonable solution is to hire three men movers, because a team of three movers will be the fastest option. People quite often insist on hiring two movers for two bedrooms-  and that’s possible! But what are they gaining? Two men will break their backs for multiple hours and in the end, you will pay the same amount of money as If you hire three movers. The price is higher for three men movers, but they will spend at least 2-3 hours less. The only difference will be in the time efficiency!

moving bedroom

Three Bedroom Homes

Three bedroom place is most probably a house. It is not the same to move an apartment and to move a house that has a shed, a garage, patio furniture and other spaces that are filled with things. Do you get the point? 

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If we are talking about the house, three bedrooms, you will probably be suggested to hire a team of 4 movers. This way you will have two teams with 2 movers, they can divide and move multiple spaces at the same time. 

Advice: Don’t hire less than 4 movers for a house that is larger than two bedrooms! You won’t regret it.

Now, do you see the pattern? 

No? Let’s put it like this.

how many movers do I need

One bedroom- two movers, two bedrooms- three men movers, three bedrooms- four movers etc. 

We can continue and list four and five bedrooms in the same way. The math is the same and simple. Even though, when it comes to places that are larger/equal  than 4 bedrooms, there is a big possibility that a move will have to be split in two days. This is a more complicated situation that you will need to discuss with your relocation specialist!

The Same Math Applies to Storage Units:

  • Small storage (5×5, 5×10) – two movers
  • Medium storage ( 10×10, 10×15  for example)- three movers
  • Large storage ( 10×20 and larger) – four movers or more.

If you are confused about the actual size of the storage and if it’s really full of no, the best guideline for you and your movers will be how large was the place before you moved it into the storage. And this should clear all doubts. 

The Square Footage of Your Home

Not all two bedroom places, for example,  have the same square footage. Some are smaller, some larger. Especially for larger houses, the number of bedrooms doesn’t really reflect the perfect picture about the actual size, once the square footage is accounted for, then your company has better insight. 

Large homes have a formal dining room, living room, family room, arranged and spacious basement with the furniture etc. All of these rooms are on top of the number of bedrooms. In this case square footage will play the determining role. 

large house, balcony view

Number of Movers Based on Square Footage

  • studio/one bedroom – up to 900 square feet
  • Two bedroom place- 900- 1400 square feet
  • Three bedroom place- 1400- 2100 square feet.

If your place is, for example, a three bedroom place but it has more than 2100 sqft, you should consider hiring one additional moving helper to speed up the process. Instead of four movers that are usually suggested, maybe you should stick to five instead. And this can be applied to every similar situation, no matter how many bedrooms it has.

Hiring Packers and Movers or DIY Packing

Packing also affects the number of people. Equation is simple, If you decide to hire a company to pack everything up for you – add one additional helper on the base formula from above:

  • Full pack for 1 bedroom/studio – hire 3 men movers instead of 2 movers 
  • Full pack for 2 bedrooms – hire 4 movers instead of 3 movers 
  • Full pack for 3 bedrooms – hire 5 movers instead of 4 movers etc.

***For larger places, please disclose every important detail to your furniture movers’ representative, because there is a big chance that this move will have to be split in two days, at least.

If you decide to pack your belongings on your own and you want to hire local movers only for the furniture, you can simply follow the rules from the base formula. 

woman packing shoes

Accessibility and stairs

Accessibility at both locations, moving out of and moving to, is important for your movers so they can arrive prepared.

narrow alley

Accessibility includes stairs, elevators, approach from the street, If the street is narrow, how close is the parking spot etc. 

Here are citations where you will need one additional mover than what was suggested initially:

  • There are some flights of stairs at either/or both locations (this varies from company to company. Some residential movers require larger crews for multiple stairs, some of them just bump up the price, it depends)
  • The elevator is not in function 
  • The parking spot is not close to the entrance and there will be a long carry
  • The street is narrow and the truck can’t park in front of your place and there will be a longer carry.

The number and the weight of heavy objects

It is crucial for your movers to know If you possess some odd shaped and heavy objects that are difficult to maneuver and carry. Especially if they have to be carried up or down the stairs. That makes the situation even more difficult.

In these cases, you have to be prepared that your apartment movers will require additional manpower and/or additional charges for the heavy item handling. 

Here are some items that can be found on this list:

  • Pianos
  • Marble tops
  • Glass tops 
  • Barbecue 
  • Large chandeliers
  • Pool tables 
  • Exercise equipment( like a large treadmill)
  • Grandfathers’ clock
  • Large pottery etc.

If your movers will require additional helpers, or they will ask you to pay for a handling fee, or they will add a helper and ask for a fee, that’s completely up to them and their company’s policy. 


For those of you that didn’t have the pleasure to meet with the monsignor, hoisting is a service of lifting things over the balcony or a window when they are too large to be carried out through the doors, and they can’t be disassembled into pieces. This is the service that moving helpers hate the most! It’s equal to the waiter’s hatred towards hot chocolate! We all know how big of a mess that requires…

movers lifting boxes

Well, If you found a company that WANTS to do hoist something for you- you are lucky! If that object is something that you really love or it costs too much just to leave it as is, brace yourself for a team of four people and additional handling fees.

Not only that this is difficult and complicated to do and it requires more than two strong men, but it is also dangerous and movers usually prefer to stay out of it.

Since it’s dangerous, If they accept doing it for you, and you accept to pay for the service, you will probably need to sign a waiver that, whatever happens, you won’t hold them accountable. 

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