DIY Packing vs Professional Packing Services

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Moving is definitely one of the most complicated tasks we will have to complete in life, simply because of the number of individual tasks required to get it done. There is a lot to plan and so many things to decide when moving, and it all begins with one initial question – “Will I hire gentle movers nearby, or will I handle the move by myself?” 

If you are like most people, you have probably got at least one self-move under your belt. It may seem like not having the help of gentle movers and packers is a savvy way to save money this time. While moving costs can be a factor for some, there are a few things that should be evaluated when looking at moving yourself vs hiring gentle movers. Yet, the headache of moving all your stuff is most likely causing you grief at this very moment. 

How do you decide between gentle movers and self moving?

The decision on which way to go depends on how far you are moving, how much stuff you need to move, and whether you have heavy, large, or awkwardly shaped items. It also depends on your budget and your ability to handle a move yourself. If cost is not an issue, then consider hiring professional movers for both packing and unpacking.

Many Los Angeles packers and movers provide everything from packing up your household to unpacking and setting up your new home. But before you hire or even decide to hire, you will need to weigh your time and energy versus the cost involved in hiring Los Angeles professional movers to pack and unpack your home. 

Pros & Cons list

There are many advantages and disadvantages to both options, and it is important to weigh all the factors involved before deciding on something. This blog will provide you with some insight into which move is right for you. And if you want to learn more about All in Moving Services and our Los Angeles packers and movers, read this. 

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It doesn’t matter if you are moving across the city or across the street — it takes a lot of time and energy to pack up. But moving to a new home doesn’t have to disrupt your life. Before you can think about packing, you first need to decide how you are going to move. Are you a DIY kind of person or would you rather hire gentle movers?

As we have already mentioned, this will depend on several factors, like your budget, your timeline, and how far you are moving. And to learn more about a DIY move, just keep reading. Besides that, check this blog from our website and pay attention to the first moving mistake people usually make!

You do need some help

If you decide to DIY, you can line up all of your friends and family to help. Most will have an excuse as to why they cannot. Some will just not show up on the day of the move and offer an excuse. The bottom line is nobody likes to move and pack so most will do anything to get out. That is why hiring gentle movers is always a good idea.

It takes some time

Those boxes aren’t going to pack themselves. Packing, loading, hauling, unloading, and then unpacking all of your possessions yourself takes a considerable amount of time, not to mention effort. And when you factor in the cost of boxes, bubble wrap, and masking tape, things can add up fast.

But it is not only packing that is time-consuming. Unless you drive a truck, your car probably won’t be big enough to accommodate your move. This means you are going to have to hire a truck, yet another factor you will have to research and arrange. Most people do not have the time, patience, or know-how to handle the countless miniature details involved in a larger move.

Damaged goods

Unless you have had a lot of practice, it can be tricky to maneuver larger furniture items, especially up and down stairs, or around tight hallways and bends. Household removal is fraught with the potential for damage, and if you are a self-mover, the damages are all on you.

If you put a hole in the wall or scratch an antique cabinet, you will have to find the funds for the cost of the repair (funds that may exceed the cost of hiring professional packers and movers). But damages to the property, and your back pocket, aren’t the only gamble. There is also a risk of seriously injuring yourself during the moving process. Do you want to compromise your physical well-being just to save a bit of cash?

This is where professional movers Los Angeles could (literally) save your neck. They are experienced in the most effective way to carry bulkier items, armed with dollies and straps to help them maneuver heavy furniture. Furthermore, Los Angeles packers and movers usually work in teams of strong men, meaning your belongings have a much better chance of staying intact and undamaged. And, in the less than likely event that damage does occur, the moving company’s insurance takes care of all costs of repair.

You are the only one to blame

Putting things in boxes may sound simple enough, but there is an art to packing that many fail to comprehend, ultimately risking the safety of their possessions. Indeed, packing is a very important aspect of moving as it determines the protection of your goods. As we have already mentioned above, poor packing may result in breakages, chipping, scratching, or items becoming damaged well beyond repair.

If you end up cracking your beloved china, or your brand new TV takes a bashing in the van, you have only yourself to blame. But by hiring gentle movers, you will receive a professional packing service that keeps your goods safe and sound for the duration of your move. Unlike most of us, good packers and movers know the art of packing, reducing the risk of damage to your most prized possessions.

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Usually, the packing process is more stressful than the move itself. While some might be comfortable with taking care of everything on their own, we realize that others might need some packing help. If that is the case for you, our Los Angeles gentle movers can step in and take care of it. After all, we are packing specialists trained in the art of the perfect pack. We offer a variety of add-on packing services to suit your needs.

So if you do decide to hire professional gentle movers, remember that not all moving companies are created equally. Give yourself enough time to find reputable packers and movers so you can trust that your possessions are in good hands. Now keep reading and check out why hiring professional gentle movers should be your first step when moving locally. And if you want to learn more about our company All In Moving Services and our packing services, read more about it here.

Reduced stress

Needless to say, leaving professional packers and movers Los Angeles to handle this process for you is so relieving. Hiring affordable movers save you energy and time and allow you to focus on other things. You can work, look after the kids, or prepare for the move. Besides preventing the emotional pressure of moving, gentle movers also relieve your physical stress since you have no heavy lifting and carrying to do.

It saves you time

Time is among the most essential aspects of deciding whether to hire movers Los Angeles or not. It can take you several months to pack an entire household while it would only take professional packers and movers a few days. If you have a tight schedule, you may find it hectic to pack everything. Even though taking time to pack your items alone can save some money, hiring gentle movers is still worth it based on time and getting your items packed and transported carefully.

Moving supplies are provided

Hiring Los Angeles professional movers takes the burden of searching for moving supplies off your shoulders. Los Angeles packers and movers come with everything from boxes, to shrink wraps, and packing tapes among many more. They make sure that all your belongings are properly secured. 


This is often a big debate when packing. Many packing materials guarantee safety from a variety of threats. For example, plastic wrapping is excellent in protecting from moisture and mold. Stronger crates are good for bumps.

Any cushioning materials will protect the object from moving inside the box and experiencing shock during travel etc…when doing DIY packing and moving, a lot can go wrong. You may end up destroying some of your expensive items or even hurt yourself. Hiring professional packers and movers guarantees that you will have your things handled carefully.

Not wasteful 

In the world we are living in today it is an ever-increasing priority for our civilization to restrain from the usage of unnecessary wasteful materials in anything we do. There are a lot of recyclable or biodegradable materials you can use. Cardboard instead of plastic. Wood crates instead of metal etc. etc. While this particular criterion falls short of the importance of the first few, it is still there and ought to be mentioned.

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So, will you be hiring gentle movers? Or moving on your own? 

Of course, rather than choosing to do it alone or to hand everything over, you could choose the middle ground. Perhaps pack your boxes by yourself, and then hire gentle movers with a truck to transport all your goods and to handle all the heavy lifting!

In the end, the decision will boil down to what is right for you and your circumstances, and of course your budget. But whatever route you take, make sure you do your research, and get comprehensive quotes before committing either way. 

happy family sitting at new home

You may not save money by hiring gentle movers, but what you will save is time, stress, and a lot of aching muscles. But if you hire gentle packers and movers, it is time for discussion. Together with them, making decisions like this will be easier.

They moved a lot of people and families before yours, so they will know which advice to give. Now, there are only a few pieces of advice for you. If you choose to hire gentle movers, be careful about your budget limit. You don’t want to go over it at any cost.

And if you go DIY, pack with caution. You will need to be extra careful. Whatever you decide, try to keep a to-do list and keep track of your moving process. You will want to save as much time as possible. Skip some unnecessary things and focus on more important ones. 

The sooner you finish, the sooner you will enjoy yourself in your new home!