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Are you thinking about relocating to East LA? If so, you’re going to want to hire the best East LA movers in the metropolitan area. Who wouldn’t want to move to where there are 284 days of sunshine, fantastic beaches, food from all around the globe, and great outdoor activities. For your local move, call Allin Moving, and we’ll meet all of your relocation needs.

Living in East Los Angeles, California

East LA is a suburb of LA, located at a distance of 12 miles from downtown LA and is an excellent location with an ethnically and economically diverse community. The current population is 120,000, and it is only a few miles away from other major towns and suburbs. There is plenty to see and do around town, which is well known for their outstanding Mexican cuisine scattered throughout the East LA neighborhoods. You can also enjoy many outdoor activities and locations like Sequoia Park, one of the many great parks in Los Angeles.

Get to Know Each Neighborhood in East LA

To get to know the area a bit more, you should know the neighborhoods it encompasses. Here are some of the best locations to stay in:

  • Belvedere – Located a short distance north of the center of town, this location is a great area with access to different schools and great restaurants. It is a nice neighborhood to raise a family. The site is a bit more expensive than other communities – the median home value is $500,000, and the rent value is $1,600.
  • Wellington Heights – Considered to be one of the best places to live in Los Angeles for singles because of all the young professionals that hang around the area. It has many bars, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy. The median home value is $501,000, and the rent value is $1,620.
  • Maravilla – Maravilla is right next to Belvedere and has access to the local Belvedere City Park and the civic center for those who are active. It’s a great neighborhood for raising a family and very near the center of town. The median home value is $509,000, and the rent value $1,600.

Things to do Around Town

East LA is one of the best suburbs of Los Angeles for experiencing diverse cultures – the most prominent in Mexican culture. There are many festivals they have every year and excellent Mexican cuisine that you can try. You can also enjoy some of the shopping centers around town or take a stroll and look at some fantastic street art. It’s truly a hub of inspiration, art, and food.

The Cost of Living

When you’re looking for where to live in Los Angeles, it can be tough finding a place that you can afford. Overall, the cost of living is much more affordable than the state average but still higher than the national average. Like many California locations, housing is the most expensive, with the median home value being $376,000, while the median rent value is $1,100. The average salary needed to live an everyday life for a four-person household is $3,800 per month, not including rent or mortgage payments. A single person would need $1,050 per month, not including rent.

Hire the Best East LA Movers for Your Relocation

If you’re convinced that this suburb is the right place for you, hire the best movers in Los Angeles. Our professionals can handle your relocation and make the process go by much smoother and save you lots of time. We can handle every aspect of your move from wrapping and packing to loading and unloading. Moving stress won’t be a problem for you when you hire our Los Angeles moving company.

Moving Services in Los Angeles

Often, a relocation can take a long time and get frustrating without proper help. That’s why we offer the best moving services in Los Angeles. Our services are specifically tailored to every aspect of your relocation. Our experts are well trained and experienced to help you complete your moving to-do list and get moved to your new destination.

Reliable Residential Moving Service

Nothing can be more time consuming than having to move your entire house. You have too much to accomplish before relocation day with long hours of work to look forward to. To help you get moved faster, you can hire our LA moving company for our residential moving service. With this service, we handle all of your relocation tasks and get your house moved to the new location. Our experts are prepared to take any sized home from small to large. We have got you covered.

Commercial Moving Service

Having to move an entire office is a lot of work and responsibility for anyone to handle. To take some of that load off your shoulders, you can opt for our commercial moving service. Our Los Angeles movers will get you moved regardless of the size of your business. We handle everything like small office supplies, furniture, tables, desks, monitors, and large office appliances. However, we don’t take medical equipment, lab equipment, hazardous materials, or any other items movers don’t move.

Labor Moving Service

An exhausting part of relocating is loading and unloading your items to and from the truck. After handling everything on your own, before too long you’ll eventually tire yourself out. Our labor moving services will have all of your belongings loaded up and ready to go, to save you some much-needed energy. Our Los Angeles movers will take all of your packed and ready items and load them into your relocation vehicle. We also unload all of your items and move them into your new home.

Packing Services

During your move, packing is a process that can take a long time and effort, but with our packing services, you won’t have to worry at all about getting packed. Our experts are well trained to handle anything you need to pack. If you have a book collection and aren’t sure how to pack books for moving correctly, our experts will handle your mini library with care. If you aren’t confident about how to pack dishes for moving, our pros will help you with your fragile items and pack them with care.

Storage Moving Service

If you have a storage unit or plan to rent a storage unit, we offer a storage moving service. Our local movers in Los Angeles will not only help you get all of your items in storage to your new destination, but they will help you bring things to your unit. We aim to make sure that your relocation experience is smooth and easy, even for storage.

Information Our Local Team Needs from You

Before you opt for this service, there is some information we need from you to move the process forward.

  • What is the size of the unit?
  • How full is the unit?
  • Are there any large and bulky items?
  • Do you have 24-hour access to the unit for our truck during working hours?
  • Do you have heavy-duty blankets if you plan on leaving things?

Areas Our LA Moving Company Covers

Though we are a moving company located in Los Angeles, we cover other areas in southern California. For further information about the areas we cover, please refer to our website to see if your location is included. If you don’t see your community listed, feel free to contact us regarding the areas we cover.

Contact Us and Get a Free Quote Upon Request

We’re confident that we are the best Los Angeles moving company for you and your relocation. You can reach us on our customer support line during our regular hours, email us, fill out our online form, and receive a free quote upon request. No matter what you need, we have you covered.