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Have you been considering relocating to one of LA’s Gateway Cities? Look up some customer reviews and contact and hire professional Downey movers to assist you. A mover can provide you with various services that will save you a lot of time and make the whole relocation experience significantly less complicated overall. Before your move starts, learn more about what makes this city a great place to live.

What Makes this Gateway City an Attractive Place to Live

If you’re wondering where to live in Los Angeles, this Gateway City is located about 13 miles southeast of Downtown. Affordable housing and numerous amenities in the area make it one of the best suburbs of Los Angeles. Check out what the city has to offer.

How Do Prices Compare to the State and LA as a Whole?

According to AreaVibes, Downey’s cost of living is about the same as California’s, about 43% more than the national average. Most living expenses between the two are about the same, with a few small exceptions. The median home price of $450,000 is 10% higher than the state’s average of $409,000. Rent costs are about the same, while utilities are about 10% cheaper.

Compared to LA overall, the prices are about the same, except for the housing. Downey’s median cost is about 10% cheaper than the LA average of $496,000. Considering how some areas tend to be significantly more expensive, like living in Beverly Hills, Downey is one of the more affordable suburbs of Los Angeles. Interestingly, around half of the residents here own their homes, noticeably more than 37% in LA overall. When looking to buy a place, contact a professional real estate agent in Los Angeles to help you out.

Food Enthusiasts Have a Lot to Look Forward to in Downey

If you’re looking to have a delicious meal, downtown LA restaurants are not the only option in the city. One of the most anticipated annual events is the International Food and Music Festival. It provides visitors with the opportunity to try new and exciting dishes while enjoying some wine, beer, and live entertainment. If you want to enjoy some huge portions of Asian cuisine, Maui Sushi & Teriyaki features delicious sushi, sashimi, and soup. Those looking to try out some authentic Mexican and Cuban food can visit the Tropicana Bakery and Cuban Cafe. The city is also home to the oldest still operating McDonald’s restaurant in the world, opened way back in 1953, and was even eligible for the National Register of Historic Places at one point.

Explore Some of Downey’s Fun Exciting Opportunities

Just like LA overall, the city offers numerous fun and exciting opportunities you can explore:

  • Explore the Columbia Memorial Space Center – As the birthplace of the Apollo space program, this is arguably one of the better museums in LA. The center’s main goal is to ignite the passion for science, engineering, technology, and space exploration while honoring the city’s aerospace history.
  • Catch a premiere at the Downey Theatre – The location has been one of the top live entertainment venues in the city for decades. It produces various shows year-round, from dramatic pieces to funny kids’ plays and contemporary favorites.
  • See a movie at the Paramount Drive-In Theater – While drive-in theaters are nowhere near as popular as they were in the middle of the last century, thankfully, this theater is still open for business, enabling visitors to watch a movie from the comfort and safety of their cars while enjoying some snacks from the concession stand.

Find Moving Companies in Los Angeles That Have Downey Movers

Avoiding moving stress can be challenging, even when relocating locally. One of the better ways to combat its effects would be to look up some reviews, contact, and hire an LA moving company to assist you. Our own All In Moving has movers in Downey ready to help you with anything you may need. We provide various services that cover everything from packing to different types of relocation options.

A Local Mover in California Can Provide Many Services to Its Customers

Need to relocate in Los Angeles? Depending on what the customer requires, our Los Angeles moving company can provide a few different services:

  • Residential Moving – While even cheap movers in Los Angeles offer this service, you should always hire the best company to help you relocate your home.
  • Commercial Relocation – Entrepreneurs looking to move their business will save a lot of time and money if they hire our professional movers in Los Angeles.
  • Labor service – If you already have a vehicle but need help loading the furniture into the truck, our team is there to do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • Storage moving – Even if you’re not relocating, but simply need to transport your belongings from or to a storage unit, you can count on us.

If You Need Help, Packing Is the Essential Service to Get From a Mover

Packing is an essential part of each relocation. While trying to DIY is commendable, depending on the size of your home, it may take you anywhere from a few days to over a month to finish everything. A professional packing service from a local moving company in Los Angeles will significantly reduce the time needed to pack everything. Not only that, but you’ll also learn some neat hacks, like how to pack dishes for moving. By using only the highest quality materials, our best movers in Los Angeles will ensure all your things and furniture are taken care of. Flammables, explosives, and toxic materials are just some of the items movers won’t move. These need to be dealt with accordingly for the move to proceed.

Hire the Best Los Angeles Movers Today

With over 20 years of experience, we can safely say we’re one of the best professional Los Angeles moving companies in the business today. If you need further proof, you only need to check out some customer reviews on our website.

Our Local Movers in Los Angeles Provide a Free Quote on All Moving Services

During peak relocation season, it’s not uncommon for our mover team to have a full schedule, so it’s best to book a move as soon as you lock in your perfect place. If you need more information, contact us and get a free quote on your relocation today.