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Best Neighborhoods to Live in Los Angeles

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Written by: Michael Vaughan

If you are moving within the Los Angeles area, we know how difficult it might be to choose the perfect neighborhood for your upcoming relocation. There are a lot of opportunities in this city, so we created a short list of our top 7 neighborhoods in LA.

Beverly Hills

Ok, let’s start with the most famous neighborhood not only in Los Angeles but Southern California – Beverly Hills. This is actually a small town divided into north and south sections. This neighborhood has a large lot and that is why there are a lot of luxury homes and mansions can be found along its tree-lined streets.

The daily routine here is normal as everywhere else, including a good number of locals getting up for their morning exercise in Beverly Gardens Park. THe gravel path is perfect for walking and jogging. Twice a year in this city there is an artSHOW where over 200 international and local artists present their work. The vibe is casual, there are food trucks, beer and wine gardens on site and even dogs are allowed. In the city, there is a dog park perfect for your furry friend. If you like fresh products there is a small and friendly Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market.

If you like upscale shopping while exotic cars are rolling up and down, Rodeo Drive is a street made for you. Beverly Hills is not popular for its nightlife, so if you are looking for some fun hop over to West Hollywood. If you are moving to Beverly Hills with your kids, you should know this is a very safe town with great public schools in the area. The only downside is that property prices are higher than the other parts of LA. But, it sounds good when you say you’re living in Beverly Hills, we can agree on that.

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Glendale is a town where the animation business is – DreamWorks, Marvel, and Disney are all located here. Besides this, it’s home to a wide range of local businesses. Thanks to its unique location in the Valley, it makes it convenient to see the sights and explore the wonders in the area. The Verdugo and San Gabriel mountains are there for a quick hike. In your free time you can catch a movie at the MGM or a classic Broadway show or musical in Glendale Center Theater. There are more than 30 local parks where you can have a picnic with your family, play basketball or tennis. You can enjoy one of the many great restaurants or just go shopping. Schools in this area are top-notch, both public and private. Glendale is a family-friendly neighborhood, but it has a lot of late-night bars and everything in between these two polarities.


If you are looking for a quiet and calm town – move to Pasadena CA. This is a very clean and organized city with a lot of students. Pasadena is home to some of the most prestigious intellectual institutions in the country, such as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and The California Institute of Technology. You will find a bunch of restaurants, bars and nightclubs here. If you like bike riding – this is the perfect place for you. Pasadena can offer a lot of parks, hiking trails and green areas. Certain parts of the city are surrounded by nature and mountains are close as well. If you live an alternative diet lifestyle, you will be glad to find Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Sprouts and Granny’s Pantry here. There are also some farmers markets around. If you decide to move to Pasadena, you will need a car, this is not a walkable city. Prices of properties here are higher than the average, but if it fits your budget, it can be a perfect place for your fresh start!

Long Beach

Located between LA and Orange County, Long Beach is a favorite destination for many people when summer arrives. City full of arts, culture, adventures, sunshine and smiles. Long Beach has its own airport, which makes locals very happy. They say that the Long Beach is a large city that feels like a small town. There is always something to do in Long Beach – good restaurants, concerts, festivals, nightclubs, parks and bike trails. The biggest issue about living here is parking. It’s almost impossible to find a parking spot in Long Beach. This is a friendly town that greets diversity! Living on a beach will definitely make your life better!


If you are looking for something more affordable – Gardena is one of the cities in Los Angeles where cost of living is cheaper than average in California. Gardena is known as ‘Freeway City’, which means it’s surrounded with freeways in nearly every direction. City is not exactly on the coast, but it’s very close to several beaches. When it comes to food Gardena has a little bit of everything, so it’s a great neighborhood for foodies. There are few great shopping centers, so you can enjoy shopping in your free time.


If you are considering moving to Southern California, you should definitely think about Torrance. It is not the cheapest city you will find, but finding a well paid job shouldn’t be a problem here! Most of the locals enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year – walking, jogging, running etc. For families with kids there are a variety of private and public schools you can choose for your kid. This is a great area to settle down and raise your kids – a lot of parks, beach is just 3 miles away and it is a very safe neighborhood.

Santa Monica

People move to Santa Monica to be close to the beach and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. Maintaining an active lifestyle is easy here – you have beach, parks and jogging paths. The main shopping district in the city is Third Street Promenade where you can find everything. It’s an open air shopping center with a lot of cafes and restaurants.
Santa Monica’s district is recognized for its educational excellence and is ranked by U.S. News and World Report. Rent is more diverse. If you keep looking due to rent control laws and low income housing programs, you can find quite some diversity. If you are looking for your oases near the beach – look no further!

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