Northeast LA

If you are looking to escape a bunch of tourists in Hollywood, there is a tucked neighborhood with 7 neighborhoods – Northeast Los Angeles. Living in Northeast offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents own their homes. Northeast LA is a destination where you can enjoy nice dining, recreation, eclectic arts and a variety of homes. Let us introduce you to seven neighborhoods in Northeast LA. Highland Park is a walkable neighborhood with tree-lined streets. This neighborhood has turned into heaven for foodies. In Highland Park, you can enjoy unique activities like retro bowling, vintage boutiques or historic homes. There are a lot of art galleries and studios. If you are looking for an urban vibe – you will find it here.

Eagle Rock is a more family-friendly, peaceful neighborhood with a rich history. Small town vibe in a large city. It has great schools and it’s home to Occidental College with notable alumni, such as Barack Obama, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Mount Washington is a quiet, mountainside neighborhood with rustic setting. It is known for its architecture. You can relax here while enjoying the views and hillside amenities. This is still an affordable area to live in Los Angeles.

Cypress Park is located in the river valley boarded by hills on three corners. Location of this neighborhood is perfect and it is a very urban place to live in. Glassell Park is becoming more popular nowadays. Here you can find modest Craftsman bungalows and ranch-style homes.  This town definitely has a midwestern charm while offering a lot of green areas. Atwater Village is an ideal place for newcomers to LA. This is a truly scenic place to live. Outdoor activities are very easy in this town, you can go fishing, horseback riding, cycle or just jog. Montecito Heights is best known for its greenspace and historical landmarks. This town is further than the rest of the area, so you will enjoy real suburbans.

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